Who Was The First Hollywood Actress To Appear On A U.S. Postage Stamp?

Grace Kelly

Women on US stamps

The United States Postal Service began issuing commemorative stamps featuring women in 1893, when Queen Isabela of Spain became the first female person to grace one of America’s postage stamps.

Groups of women have also been recognized on US stamps, including Gold Star Mothers (1940), Women in Our Armed Forces (1952) and Women Helping Their Country (1964).

There are also some generic, unnamed women who have graced US stamps. A woman marching with men for President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal was printed on a 1933 stamp.

Who was the first Hollywood actress to appear on a US postage stamp?

Who Was The First Hollywood Actress To Appear On A U.S. Postage Stamp? Grace Kelly is the first Hollywood actress to grace a US postage stamp. Her image appears on the $0.50 First Class Forever stamp, which went into circulation in October 2013. Kelly starred in films such as To Catch A Thief (1955), High Noon (1952), Rear Window (1954), Dial M For Murder (1954) and An Affair To Remember (1957).

She became the first person to be honored on a US postage stamp. Queen Elizabeth II, President Barack Obama and Pope Francis are among others who have been immortalized on stamps.

About Grace Kelly :

Grace Kelly was born Grace Patricia Kelly in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 12th, 1928. She was the daughter of John Francis “Jack” Kelly Jr. and his wife, Frances Mary McBride Kelly. Her father was Irish American and her mother was Scottish American.

Kelly grew up in Philadelphia, where she became interested in art. At age 15, she began attending the prestigious Miss Porter’s School, where she excelled academically. In 1942, she graduated from high school and enrolled at the Westfield College of education and Western University of Pennsylvania, where she majored in English literature. After graduating, she worked briefly as a secretary and later joined the American Red Cross.

In 1948, Kelly married Prince Rainier III of Monaco. They divorced in 1956. In 1957, she married actor Sean Connery. He remained her husband until her death. Their marriage produced three children: James Michael, Albert Constantine, and Caroline Marie.

After marrying Rainier, Kelly moved to Monaco with him. She gave birth to her first child, a son, Christian Louis, in 1950. Two years later, she gave birth to another son, Pierre Casiraghi. In 1953, she gave birth to a third son, Antoine Sébastien. When Rainier died in 1955, he left everything to Kelly.

She retired from acting in 1962 and settled permanently in Monte Carlo. There, she raised her family with the help of her housekeeper, Françoise Roques. Kelly died on September 14th, 1982 in Paris, France.

Famous U.S. Stamps – A History of “Firsts” – My Stamp Guide

The United States Postal Service has been around since 1775. In fact, it was one of the very first things established under George Washington. Over the course of nearly three centuries, the USPS has gone through many changes, including technological advances, political battles, and even a few wars. Today, the agency is still responsible for delivering mail across the entire nation.

However, much of our country’s cultural heritage is represented by the stamps that are produced. From famous actors to historical figures, there are countless faces of celebrities, presidents and even fictional cartoon characters that have graced some of America’s most prized real estate.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the most popular stamps that exist today. We’ll explore what makes each stamp unique, how they came into existence, and who was the first person to appear on a U. S. stamp.

By the way do you know what is postage stamp?

I think you do not know, or maybe you did not know already. But anyway, let me tell you some interesting facts about postage stamps. First of all, it is a very small piece of paper issued from a post office, postal administrations. And there are many different kinds of postage stamps. They are used to send letters, packages, etc. Also, people use postage stamps to pay for sending mailings. So, we can say that postage stamp is a form of payment.

The most famous actress whose face has been put on a postage stamp is Grace Kelly. She is one of the most beautiful actresses ever. Her beauty is still remembered today. Many people remember her because she played Princess Elizabeth in 1954 movie “High Noon”. In fact, she became a princess later. However, she was born into a poor family. So, she could not afford to buy clothes like those worn by princesses. Therefore, she chose simple dresses to wear during filming. She wore a white dress for the film. This white dress is now regarded as one of the most beautiful dresses ever. Her figure looks great in the dress. Moreover, the white color suits her skin tone well.

Grace Kelly was just 27 years old when she died. She passed away on September 14th 1979. This day is known as Grace Kelly Day. On this day, people celebrate her memory. We hope that you enjoy learning more about Grace Kelly.

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