Who Is The Owner Of My Heart

Who Is The Owner Of My Heart

Who Is The Owner Of My Heart (Lyrics)

If you think I’ve let you downTried to fool you, there´s no need toIf you think I’ve played aroundWhy do you worry, you should know me

I’ve been true, right from the startYou’re the owner of my heart

If you look straight in my eyesYou will know I’m not pretendingI don’t hide, there’s no disguiseWhy you doubt me?That’s a strange thing

I’ve been true, right from the startYou’re the owner of my heart

I can’t just stand by watching you walk awayKnowing you still belong with me, close by my sideYou think I don’t care, but forever I swearOoh, my love has grown stronger and that I can’t hide

I’ve been true, right from the startYou’re the owner of my heart

I’ve been true, right from the startYou’re the owner of my heart

No one can tell me cause I know for sureWhen I’m not with you, baby, I’m wasting my timeI’ll do anything that you want me to doOh, just call out my name, can’t she give me a signGive me a sign, whoa

If you just give me some timeTo convince you we can pull throughLet me see what’s on your mindI won’t change you, I don’t have to.

I’ve been true, right from the startYou’re the owner of my heart

I’ve been true, right from the startYou’re the owner of my heart

I’ve been true, right from the startYou’re the owner of my heart

“Owner of My Heart”

Singleby is a songwriter/producer based out of Los Angeles. He released his debut EP entitled Owner Of My Heart earlier this month, featuring production from some of L.A.’s best producers including DJ Mustard, Benny Blanco, Hitmaka, and many others.

The record features several singles, including the single “Owner Of My Heart,” which he co-wrote with Sasha Sloan. The track peaked at #6 on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart.

His second release, titled Singleby, is set to drop later this summer.

Formats and track listings

Owner Of My Heart” (Radio Edit)” – 3:42

“Owner Of My Heart” ” – 3:42

“”Owner Of My Heart” (Video Mix)” – 3:43

“”Owner Of My Love” (Spanish Version)” – 4:04

“”Owner Of My Life” (Live At WOW Festival 2018)” – 5:31

“”Owner Of My World” (Acoustic Version)” – 4:11

“”Owner Of My Soul” (Acoustic Version) – 3:51

“Owner Of My Soul”” – 3:51

Credits and personnel

– Music and lyrics written by Sasha Sokol; lead vocals performed by Sasha Sokol

– Produced by Sasha Sokol

-“The Sound of Silence” written by Phil Spector, Jeff Barry & Ellie Greenwich

– “You’re So Vain”, “I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone” written by Carly Simon

– “Hurt” written by John Lennon & Paul McCartney

– “You’ve Got A Habit Of Leaving” written by Jimmy Webb


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