Who is the only Oscar winner whose parents were also both oscar winners?

Liza Minnelli is the only Oscar winner in history whose parents, Judy Garland (Best Supporting Actress in 1939) and director/producer Vincente Minnelli (Best Director in 1945), were also Oscar winners. She took home the Best Actress prize in 1978 for her performance in Cabaret.

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Liza Minnelli is one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars, having been nominated for six Golden Globes and three Academy Awards. But even though she has earned five Oscar nominations — including best actress for her performance in 1967’s “Cabaret,” she has never actually won an award. In fact, it took her until age 72 to finally take home the golden statue for best supporting actress for her work in 2018’s “The Lord of Tears.” But while Minnelli hasn’t ever taken home an Oscar, her father did. Vincent Minnelli, who directed her in films like 1953’s “Gigi” and 1955’s “The Bad Seed,” won his first Oscar for directing 1956’s “Some Came Running.” He went on to earn another four awards during his career, including his final nod for 1959’s “An American in Paris.”

And Liza Minnelli’s mother, Frances Gumm, won the Academy Juvenile Award for playing Dorothy Gale in 1939’s “Wizard of Oz.” She was just 18 when she accepted the honor, making her the youngest person to receive such an accolade. Her husband, director Vincente Minnelli, was the co-nominee for the award.

Who is the only Oscar winner whose parents were also both oscar winners?

List of Academy Award-winning families

The Academy Awards are presented annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). AMPAS was founded in 1927 as part of the American Federation of Radio Artists (AFRA), at a meeting held at AFRA headquarters in New York City. At the time, radio was considered entertainment media rather than a true art form. In 1929, AFRA changed its name to the Academy of Motion Picture arts and Sciences. A year later, the organization established the annual Academy Awards ceremony as we know it today.

In addition to honoring achievements in film, the Oscars recognize excellence in many different aspects of filmmaking, including production design, cinematography, editing, sound mixing, makeup and hairstyling, costume design, score composition, live action short films, documentary feature films, animated short films, visual effects, screenwriting and acting.

Academy Awards are awarded based on votes received from members of the academy. Members vote via mail ballot every spring, and the ballots must be postmarked by June 30th. Ballots are counted at the Academy’s Los Angeles office during ceremonies held each February.

Since 1934, the Academy Awards have been given out in 24 categories. Each category has a set number of nominees; there are no “wildcard” nominations. Winners receive trophies engraved with the Oscar statuette, along with a $30,000 cash prize ($40,000 in 2016).

Winners are announced on the evening of the awards show, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. The event airs live on ABC, beginning at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

The Academy Awards are one of Hollywood’s oldest and most prestigious honors, having first been handed out in 1929. There are three main reasons why the Oscars are so special: They are voted on by thousands of people within the industry, they are given out once per year, and they are broadcast live on national television.

There are a few notable exceptions to this rule. For instance, when Alfred Hitchcock won his fifth Best Director award in 1955, he became the first director ever to win five times. And in 2012, the Oscars went completely digital, allowing attendees to use their mobile devices to view the show.

Extended family

The Academy Awards are presented annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). AMPAS was founded in 1927 as a nonprofit organization of film professionals “to honor and encourage artistry in cinema.” The Oscars ceremony was held on February 26, 1929 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, hosted by comedian Will Rogers.

Since then, the annual awards show has become one of the biggest cultural events of the year, and it attracts millions of people worldwide. The Oscars are overseen by CEO Dawn Hudson and President Cheryl Boone Isaacs. They work closely with the branch heads around the world, who run each category. The Academy also works with several committees and subcommittees to help develop Oscar categories, presenters and rules.

This year, there were 2,828 submissions in total, with 597 feature films counted among them. There were 817 eligible sound recordings, and 756 eligible short films. A record number of entries were submitted in the Best Documentary Feature category (136), while the Animated Short Subject category received the second highest amount ever, with 103 submissions. In addition to the regular categories, the Academy introduced five new ones, including the Best Popular Film Category, which replaced both the previous award for Best Foreign Language Film and the former award for Best Live Action Short Film.

There were nine acting nominees in the Best Actor category, eight actresses in the Best Actress category and seven actors in the Best Supporting Actor category. There were four women nominated for Best Director, and the same number of directors in the Best Adapted Screenplay category. Only four writers were nominated in the Best Writing category, and none were nominated in the Best Original Score category.

In terms of technical categories, there were six nominees in the Best Cinematography category, 10 in the Best Sound Mixing category, 11 in the Best Visual Effects category and 13 in the Best Editing category. The winner in the Best Production Design category went to Black Panther, while the Best Makeup & Hairstyling and Best Costume Design categories had no nominations.


The Sherman Brothers shared all their nominees and awards. The Coen brothers have revealed all of their nominations and 12 of their nominations; each received an individual nomination under the pseudonym Roderick J. Allen. De Havilland and Fontaine are the only sibling pairs to have both won lead actress awards, and the only pairs of sisters to have awards.

De Havilland and Fontayne are the only twin actresses who have been nominated for best actress twice, and the only set of twins to have both wins.

There are three sets of twins among the nominees: the Coens, the Sherman Brothers and the De Havillands.

The only other siblings to be nominated together are the Coens and the De Havilland family.

Oscars History

1929 – First Oscar Show

1930 – Second Oscar Show

1931 – Third Oscar Show

1932 – Fourth Oscar Show

1933 – Fifth Oscar Show

1934 – Sixth Oscar Show

1935 – Seventh Oscar Show

1936 – Eighth Oscar Show

1937 – Ninth Oscar Show

1938 – Tenth Oscar Show

1939 – Eleventh Oscar Show

1940 – Twelfth Oscar Show

1941 – Thirteenth Oscar Show

1942 – Fourteenth Oscar Show

1943 – Fifteenth Oscar Show

1944 – Sixteenth Oscar Show

1945 – Seventeenth Oscar Show

1946 – Eighteenth Oscar Show

1947 – Nineteenth Oscar Show

1948 – Twentieth Oscar Show

1949 – Twenty-first Oscar Show

1950 – Twenty-second Oscar Show

1951 – Twenty-third Oscar Show

1952 – Twenty-fourth Oscar Show

1953 – Twenty-fifth Oscar Show

1954 – Twenty-sixth Oscar Show

1955 – Twenty-seventh Oscar Show

1956 – Twenty-eighth Oscar Show

1957 – Twenty-ninth Oscar Show

1958 – Thirtieth Oscar Show

1959 – Thirty-first Oscar Show

1960 – Thirty-second Oscar Show

1961 – Thirty-third Oscar Show

1962 – Thirty-fourth Oscar Show

1963 – Thirty-fifth Oscar Show

1964 – Thirty-sixth Oscar Show

1965 – Thirty-seventh Oscar Show

1966 – Thirty-eighth Oscar Show

1967 – Thirty-ninth Oscar Show

1968 – Fortieth Oscar Show

1969 – Forty-first Oscar Show

1970 – Forty-second Oscar Show

1971 – Forty-third Oscar Show

1972 – Forty-fourth Oscar Show

1973 – Forty-fifth Oscar Show

1974 – Forty-sixth Oscar Show

1975 – Forty-seventh Oscar Show

1976 – Forty-eightth Oscar Show

1977 – Forty-ninth Oscar Show

1978 – Fiftieth Oscar Show

1979 – Fifty-first Oscar Show

1980 – Fifty-second Oscar Show

1981 – Fifty-third Oscar Show

1982 – Fifty-fourth Oscar Show

1983 – Fifty-fifth Oscar Show

1984 – Fifty-sixth Oscar Show

1985 – Fifty-seventh Oscar Show

1986 – Fifty-eighth Oscar Show

1987 – Fifty-ninth Oscar Show

1988 – Sixtieth Oscar Show

1989 – Sixty-first Oscar Show

1990 – Sixty-second Oscar Show

1991 – Sixty-third Oscar Show

1992 – Sixty-fourth Oscar Show

1993 – Sixty-fifth Oscar Show

1994 – Sixty-sixth Oscar Show (posthumous)

1995 – Sixty-seventh Oscar Show (posthumously)

1996 – Sixty-eighth Oscar Show (posthumouosly)

1997 – Sixty-ninth Oscar Show (posthumousely)

1998 – Seventy-first Oscar Show (posthumoustially)

1999 – Seventy-second Oscar Show (posthumousy)

2000 – Seventy-third Oscar Show (posthumouselty)

2001 – Seventy-fourth Oscar Show (posthumuous)

2002 – Seventy-fifth Oscar Show (posthumusulty)

2003 – Seventy-sixth Oscar Show (posthumous)

2004 – Seventy-seventh Oscar Show (posthumous)

2005 – Seventy-eighth Oscar Show (posthomous)

2006 – Seventy-ninth Oscar Show (posthuomous)

2007 – Eighty-first Oscar Show (Posthumous)

2008 – Eighty-second Oscar Show (Posthumuslty)

2009 – Eighty-third Oscar Show (Posthumously)

2010 – Eighty-fourth Oscar Show (Posthumuously)

2011 – Eighty-fifth Oscar Show (Posthumouosly)

2012 – Eighty-sixth Oscar Show (Posthumous)

2013 – Eighty-seventh Oscar Show (Posthumsuly)

2014 – Eighty-eighth Oscar Show (Posthomous)

2015 – Eighty-ninth Oscar Show (Posthusmous)

2016 – Ninetieth Oscar Show (Posthumorous)

2017 – Ninety-first Oscar Show (Posterity)

2018 – Ninety-second Oscar Show (Posterituy)

2019 – Ninety-third Oscar Show (Posterumous)

2020 – Ninety-fourth Oscar Show (Posterous)

2021 – Ninety-fifth Oscar Show (Posteriory)

2022 – Ninety-sixth Oscar Show (Posterous)

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