The Best Places To Go Camping In Edmonton

Edmonton Camps

Edmonton Camps is an excellent way for kids to spend their summer. They can learn new skills, make friends, and have fun. There are many different camps available, so there is something for everyone.

There are day camps and overnight camps. Day camps usually last for one or two weeks, while overnight camps can last for eight weeks. There are also specialty camps, such as sports camps, arts camps, and science camps.

No matter your child’s interests, there is sure to be a camp that caters to them. Edmonton Camps provide the opportunity for kids to explore new things and have a lot of fun. They also help kids stay active and learn new skills. So if you’re child enjoys camping, Edmonton has a lot of great camps they can choose from.

Edmonton Camps – What are the benefits?

Camp provides mental and physical health benefits for children.

– Children who attend camp have an increased feeling of self-esteem and confidence. They also meet new friends and develop social skills. They may learn teamwork, responsibility, problem-solving skills, and appreciate nature.

– Overall, it is a fun time that allows kids to try new things. Some Edmonton camps will even teach them a skill such as archery or horseback riding. It is a fantastic way for kids to spend their summer!

– In addition to character development, some camps have been known to increase academic performance when the child returns to school in the fall. This is especially true for camps that focus on a particular subject, such as math or science.

So why not sign your kids up for an Edmonton camp today? They will have a great time and learn new things too!

Edmonton offers many different camps, including day camps and overnight camps. These camps offer children a chance to explore new things, make friends, and have fun. Camping also provides physical and mental health benefits for children. In addition to character development, some camps have increased academic performance when the child returns to school in the fall. Sign your kids up for an Edmonton camp today! They will have a great time and learn new things too!

Here is a list of places where you can go camping


With two, three, and five-day camp choices available, 4Cats programs are designed to put youngsters in charge of crafting their journey. Kids are given a chance to pick their projects from various mediums throughout the day, promoting a love of learning, independence, creativity, and creative flow. Artists are encouraged to pursue their passions!

Atco Cooking Camps

Various topics for youngsters aged 9 to 12. Individual activity packets and daily outdoor or movie breaks will be provided, depending on the weather. It is accessible before and aftercare from 8:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Kids will learn something new and meet new friends in the kitchen, from baking to breakfasts, Samosas to Italian feasts.

Beauty Bootcamp

This famous Eveline Charles Academy course boosts self-esteem from the inside out! This amazing Summer Day Camp will teach you all you need to know about make-up, hair, skincare, fashion, confidence, and more.

City of Edmonton

City of Edmonton

City of Edmonton camps cover a wide range of topics, from art to athletics to everything in between, and are hosted at numerous venues around the city for children of all ages. Two of our top suggestions for spring break programs for kids in Edmonton are the start sewing class and the splashy painting camp.

Edmonton Humane Society

Edmonton Humane Society

Is your child an animal lover? Do they enjoy arts & crafts, games, and meeting new people? During Summer Break, the Edmonton Humane Society Education Department hosts week-long programs for youngsters aged 5 to 12. Campers will interact with a variety of animals, take a behind-the-scenes tour of the shelter, learn about training and behavior, veterinary work, animal enrichment, and what happens at the EHS, among other things.

Glow Yoga Kids

In Edmonton, there is a yoga camp for kids. Friendship, games, crafts, music, adventure, dancing, cooperation, creativity, creative play, acrobatics, mindfulness, relaxation, meditation, stretching, face painting, spray park visits, small field excursions, parachute play, popsicles, and more are all available to you! There are both full-day and half-day camps offered.

House of Sew

Sewing programs for children aged 7 to 14 are offered at two levels in a convenient downtown location. Children will develop a passion for textiles and creating by learning the fundamentals of hand-stitching and then making four items using a sewing machine.

Jump Park

Kids’ camps at your new favorite trampoline park, featuring unique visitors, daily entertainment for the kids – and a fun-filled opportunity to get some exercise (perfect for those rainy days).

Mudpie Parties

Do you have a kid that enjoys a little bit of everything MudPie has to offer? If that’s the case, they’ll love our camp! We’ve put together a week of activities based on our most popular topics. Jedi, Lego, Mini Blasters, and Superhero are daily themes.


The premise of Pedalheads® and Heroheads day camps is that the most delicate summers are full of action! Pedalheads and Heroheads aim to help your kids have the best summer ever, whether it’s improving their two-wheeler talents or sharpening their superhero craft.

Shumka Dance Camp

Shumka Dance Camps offer opportunities to dance, study, play, and create. Shumka Minis, Motion Mania, Shumka Stars, and Shumka Workshop series are camps for kids aged 3 to 13. Children’s camps feature a range of exciting activities in addition to Ukrainian Dance Training and excellent overnight camp choices for children aged ten and above.

Strathcona County

Spring Break courses in Strathcona County range from very popular circus camps to camps with various themes, with half-day choices available for children aged four and above. Details may be found in the recreation guide, and because registrations fill up rapidly, it’s best to book camps as soon as possible.

Telus World of Science

Telus World of Science camps are in high demand, including everything from Junior Scientists to Stop Motion movie creation. The programming is both amusing and instructive, which is why the Telus World of Science kids’ spring break camps sell out every season.

Vertically Inclined

Our professional instructors will lead participants through an intensive and exciting climbing experience, including group activities, games, and plenty of climbing. Climbing offers a unique combination of personal challenge and communal bonding. When you combine these two aspects with the pleasure of stepping out of the horizontal plane, you have an ideal sport for today’s enthusiastic adolescents!


These are just a few of Edmonton’s many spring break camps. There is no reason to stay home during spring break with something for everyone. Get out and explore all that Edmonton has to offer!

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