Stardew Valley Calico Desert: How to Unlock Calico Desert

stardew valley calico desert

The Calico Desert is a location located to the northwest of Pelican Town, where players can also find the Skull Cavern, which contains plenty of Iridium Ores and is the game’s most valuable metal. Calico Desert also has a few secrets, as well as the Sandfish, which are required for the Specialty Fish Bundle.

How To Unlock Stardew Valley Calico Desert

The bus must be repaired first in “Stardew Valley” to make Calico Desert accessible to the player, which is located at the Bus Stop and the game’s initial location. To fix the bus, players have two options. The first option is to allow the Juminos or the Joja Community Development to repair them both, which entails a significant amount of money and may be difficult to unlock Calico Desert right away in the game.

Calico Desert Merchant Location

To repair the bus, you must first finish the Vault packages in the Community Center. It’s the room with the big safe in the upper right corner. To acquire Vault bundles, simply complete the Crafts room’s initial tasks at the lower-left corner of the Community Center. Each bundle in the Vault room requires cash, with the largest being 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, and 25,000 Gold. After finishing this Vault, go to sleep. During your slumber, a movie will play where the Juminos are repairing the bus. If the player pays for a Joja membership, they should go to Morris in Joja Mart, and he will repair the bus for 40,000 Gold.

Calico Desert In Stardew Valley

When the bus is fixed, a round trip costs 500g each way. Pam is the bus driver, and you may only purchase a ticket from her when she is at the Bus Stop, and this is between 10:10 am and 5:00 pm. Calico Desert has coconuts, cactus fruits, Sandfish, scorpion carp, and iridium ores to offer.


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