off the grid lyrics

We off the grid, grid, gridThis for my kid, kid, kidFor when my kid-kid-kids have kidsEverything we did for the crib
Everything we did, how we live (what?)All this smoke got a scentAll that smoke, heaven sent (what?)Everything I spoke what I meant (ah)Never disguise my intent, lines outside the eventBrought my life out the trenchGod, thank God, look what He did, did, did, did, did, didWe off the grid, grid, grid, grid, grid (ayy, what?)We off the grid, grid, grid, grid
I’m off the grid (homicide, homicide, what?)Got tat’s on my ribs (ah), tattoos on my ribs (what?)I just tatted my kid, Onyx (slatt)I just threw 20, count it, we was at Onyx (ah, what?)I just bought me some brand-new clothesDover Street Market (Givenchy)Ayy, we just took the route to Charlotte (yeah, ah, what? Yeah)I’m in the Rolls-Royce f-in’ on, what you call it? (yeah, yeah)I light the opp blunt and let your – try it (ah)Uh, I’m off the grid and wanna- yeah (what?)
We off the grid, grid, gridThis for my kid, kid, kid, kidEverything we did for the crib did hereFlexing with the business tripGoing cray, take some G6Lit, lit, ’76He spit this, we off the grid, grid, grid
Yeah, look, when I was in jail, I was low-key (uh)Shout out to supporters that wrote meEat food, work out, and then go to sleepYou know I’m praying, he carrying both feet (yeah)Know we got God with us (God with us)You look at me and see a God figure (uh)And when I start vibing, I know that he with meAnd I’ma always catch a hard shiver (uh)
I know it’s demons in that dark liquor (Uh)We buy a bottle and squash with ya (uh)Everybody turn into a harsh –But my pockets bigger and my heart richer (uh)My mind smarter, my grind harder (skrr)And my car quicker (skrrt)I met her in church, she pray for meShe my God-sister (she my God-sister, yeah)
I’m only trustin’ the people I keep close– Sellin’ they soul for a repostRemember when I was broke, wearin’ cheap coatsNow it’s diamonds and houses and C notes (uh)I’m feelin’ marvelous (I’m feelin’ marvelous)Who let the monster loose? Huh? (Who let the monster loose?)They call me a product of my environment (uh)I tell them, “Nah, I’m what God produced” (baow)
Defense good, and them guards can shoot (baow)I put ’em on you, it get hard to moveTattoo in my face is the mark of truthGotta watch what you say when they market you (huh)I already predicted this (huh, I already predicted this)Y’all only witnessed it (y’all only witnessed it)Look, got a couple old friends that I’m not really clickin’ withI know they pray that we settle our differences
I pray that they lower all my nig- sentencesI got some demons I’m not even dealin’ withThey in they feelings, I’m not really feelin’ itAnd I know some members that gave back they membershipYou switched up, huh, like how you not feelin’ me?Look, I act like I care, but I don’t really careNow I live in a new building with amenities
I got a new ceiling with a chimneyI got a few niggas wanna finish meI don’t get too friendly with the enemyYou gotta move different when you in the industry, woo, yeahYou gotta move different when you in the industry, huhYou gotta move different when you in the, look
God blessed me with amazing grace (uh)She fell in love with my day to day (uh)I just want my problems to fade away (uh)Man, I’m tired of niggas, I need GatoradeBoy, I got on my feet and I made a nameAnd I made it a necklace, huhWhen you from the bottom and you working hardJust to get the top, then they gotta respect it
If you got a voice, then you gotta project itIf you got a wrong, then you gotta correct itIf you got a name, then you gotta protect itIf you give me shock, then you gotta electricTryna live a new life (woo) so I got a new plan that I gotta finesse with, look, yeah‘Cause they want me to lose, they ain’t part of the WoosI been trying so hard not to move reckless
We off the grid, grid, gridThis for my kid, kid, kid, kidEverything we did for the crib did hereFlexing with the business tripGoing cray, take some G6 (ah)Lit, lit, ’76Even spinning this then they’ll have toChange his-his-his--Iggas trip, trip, trip, this, thisThis, this, this, thisYou still on this list, list, list, listI’m off the grid, grid, grid, gridOff the grid, grid, grid, grid
First, it go viral, then they get digitalThen they get critical, no, I’m not doing no interviewMask on my face, you can’t see what I finna doHad to move away from people that’s miserableDon’t wanna link you, I ain’t finna sit with youAin’t finna talk to you, ain’t finna get with youDon’t get me mad just ’cause I don’t wanna injure youShe put my paintings inside of her living roomLook at the problems and issues I’m living throughThey tryna drown me, I rise to my pinnacle
Walked through the block like the neighborhood generalDrop me the low and then that’s what I send it toI was forgetting you, now I remember, now I rememberDid what I want, and I say what I wantAnd I thought you was with me, like how you get sensitive?
I got this God power, that’s my leveragesI got this Holy Water, that’s my beveragesI gotta help myself out of selfishnessI just bought a floor out of SelfridgesI gotta make sure they know who they messin’ withI gotta tell ’em “sorry”, they too delicateI gotta stay with God where the blessings isI ain’t delivering Heavenly messages just for the hell of it
Don’t try to test me, I keep it clean, but it can get messyI talk to God everyday, that’s my bestieThey playing soccer in my backyard, I think I see MessiAnd this money could never neglect meI pray that my family, they never resent meAnd she fell in love with me as soon she met meWe both got it bad, mama, bag is more heavyWe have to stop counting, it’s getting too petty
You not a real stepper, you can’t overstep meJust sit back and listen and watch how he bless meHe wait ’til I fall and then pull up and catch meYour check is too small, you can’t run up and check meNah, nah, I get ’em fast, seeYou feel a way, then go pull up and get meMight do something wild if I feel like you press meNah, I get ’em fast, seeYou feel a way, then go pull up and get meMight do something wild if I feel like you press me
We off the grid, grid, gridThis for my kid, kid, kidFor when my kid-kid-kids have kidsEverything we did for the crib
Pray for what folks them didOnly thing we pray God forgive-give-giveMay God forbid-bid-bidHe hit one of the kids, kids, kidsTook off his list, list, listLook what they did, did, didPray for the crib, crib, cribSome say A-a-adam could never be bla-a-ack‘Cause a black man’ll never share his rib, rib, rib, rib, rib, rib

Ye Kanye West

The album features 21 tracks, including “All Day,” “I Love Kanye,” “Famous,” “Wolves,” “Gold Digger,” “Devil In A New Dress,” “Only One,” “Wouldn’t Leave,” “Blood On the Leaves,” “Black Skinhead,” “Bound 2,” “Monster,” “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” “Touch the Sky,” “Jesus Walks,” “Father Stretch My Hands Pt.1,” “New Slaves,” “God Is”, “Ghost Town,” “Gone,” and “Thank You.”

Popular Singles and EPs by Kanye West

Kanye West is one of the most influential artists of our generation. He’s been called many things – genius, madman, visionary – but he’s never been described as a pop star. But that might be about to change. In his latest album Jesus Is King, he raps over some of the biggest pop songs of recent times, including Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You, Drake’s God’s Plan, Post Malone’s Rockstar, and Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do.

He even covers Beyoncé’s Formation, a song that helped define her career. And now he’s got another hit single, too. Pop music fans are already loving it.

The tracklisting for the album includes five singles that have been released since the album came out earlier this week. They include Famous, All Day, I Love Yous, Real Friends and Father Stretch My Hands Pt1.

Background and recording

On February 24, 2016, rapper Kanye West tweeted that his upcoming ninth studio album would be titled TurboGrafx 16, referencing the Japanese video game console of the name. He also revealed that he would release the album sometime around the summer of 2016, and that the project would be named after the video game console because he grew up playing it. Later that day, West associate Ibn Jasper posted an image on Instagram with what appears to be a cassette tape containing the letter “T”. This led to speculation that the album would be called Turntable Beats.

In May 2017, news began circulating that West was working on a new album while in Wyoming, where he was spending most of his time since moving there in April. One report stated that he was working on the album on top of a mountain in the state, while another reported that he was staying in a cabin near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A few days later, West confirmed the latter, stating that he was living in a cabin in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He also mentioned that he was planning to work on new music every week, and that he wanted to

Release and promotion

West’s fourth studio album, Ye, was released for digital download on June 1, 2018. The album features guest appearances from Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, Frank Ocean, Big Sean, Jay Electronica, John Mayer, Chance the Rapper, Nas, Anderson.Paak, Teyana Taylor, Vic Mensa, Ty Dolla Sign, Kamaiyah, Desiigner, Jeremih, Jhené Aiko, YG, Playboi Carti, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, Kanye West, Pusha T, Pharrell Williams, Rihanna, Drake, Eminem, Rick Ross, Post Malone, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, J Balvin, Future, Migos, Khalid, Sia, Dua Lipa, Kehlani, and Swae Lee.

The album received generally positive reviews from critics. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream publications, the album received an average score of 81 based on 31 reviews. In his review for Pitchfork, Jesse Cataldo wrote that Ye “isn’t just a return to form—it’s something like a full-fledged rebirth.” He described the record as a “return to the sound of 808s & Heartbreak”, while noting similarities to earlier albums such as My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Writing for Rolling Stone, Brittany Spanos called Ye West’s best work since 808s & Heartbreak, writing that it “shows off West’s broadening range.

Promotional videos

By June 6, 2018, Kanye West’s official website had changed to reflect the release of his sixth studio album, Ye. On the site, there are three sections: “Yeezy”, “Ye”, and “West.” In the section titled “Yeezy,” fans could find information about the YEEZY Boost 350 V2 sneakers, including where to buy them online and how much they cost. Fans could also watch a short clip of Kanye talking about the shoes.

In the section titled “Ye,” fans could find information regarding the album itself, including lyrics and tracklisting. Fans could also listen to clips of the songs “I Thought About Killing you” and “Ghost Town.” Finally, fans could watch a 30-second promo of the album playing over the song “All Mine.”

The album was promoted with two official music videos. One of the videos features the song “I Thought About Killing yu,” while another features the song “Violent Crimes.” Each video was accompanied by a lyric video for each song.

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