How to Make the Most of Your Cleveland Bar Crawl: Tips and Tricks

How to Make the Most of Your Cleveland Bar Crawl: Tips and Tricks

Cleveland is known for being one of the best places to grab a drink. On top of having one of the most amazing music scenes in the U.S., the area is also home to many breweries and bars that all add a distinctive flavor to bar crawls. Knowing how to make the most of your upcoming bar crawl helps you turn this event into a memorable experience.

Know Before You Go

Most bar crawl organizers send out a detailed list of what to expect during the event a week or two before the big day. Taking a moment to read through all of the information helps you to know essential information that you can use on your crawl. From gaining a digital list of the participating bars to knowing about kick-off times and after-parties, you’ll be glad you made an effort when you’re able to maximize every moment.

Research the Bar List

If you have some extra time before your trip, then take the chance to look through the list of bars. Many Cleveland bars are known for having signature cocktails and local brews that you’ll want to try while you’re there. Already having a drink in mind to order helps you to maintain momentum throughout the night. If you’re from out of town, then this also means that you won’t miss out on a must-try drink that you might have to wait to get the chance to try again.

Prep to Prevent Hangovers

Since you may already know that you plan to drink on your bar crawl, you’re in a great position to be proactive about preventing hangovers. Choose a bar crawl with a start time that gives you a chance to eat a meal before you kick off the drinking part of your night, and remember that drinking water between alcoholic beverages can help you stay hydrated to prevent hangover symptoms the next morning.

Go On a Themed Bar Crawl

Bar crawls that focus on a theme tend to be highly organized, and roaming from one venue to the next with a crowd in coordinating outfits is bound to get your group tons of recognition. Before you sign up for a bar crawl in Cleveland, look for one with a theme you can dive into. Whether you dress up for Halloween or don an ugly holiday sweater, you’ll find it easy to get in the spirit of the event when you’re surrounded by people with a similar mindset.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

You might be dressing up to fit a theme, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your comfort. Bar crawls involve walking between multiple venues in one place, which could add up to some serious foot pain if you opt to wear your six-inch heels or steel-toe boots. Look for shoes that still look great but keep you comfy as you crawl from one bar to the next. A broken-in pair of sneakers work best, but you’ll at least want to kick off your heels and wear flat-soled shoes no matter your style.

Go On a Photo Frenzy

You might be busy clinking glasses with your friends, but you’ll also want to leave a hand free to snap some photos throughout the evening. This means that you’ll at least want to ensure that your phone is charged up and ready to capture all those amazing moments.

You’ll definitely want to upload some of them to social media but try to do so in short increments throughout the evening. On an organized bar crawl, your time waiting in line will be minimal. But you can use that minute or two to make a quick social media post. Staying present helps you to avoid missing out on any of the fun.

While you’ll be hitting a lot of bars and meeting tons of new friends, try to take a moment to remember your favorite hot spots. One of the best parts of bar crawls is being able to sample all of the venues Cleveland offers, which gives you a chance to find a favorite hole-in-the-wall or choose to go crawling again.

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