Hit Em Up Lyrics

Tupac Shakur
YeahAyoI think y’all gonna like this next songWhen this song drops, I want all the West coast people to give up some love when this song come upY’all about to go crazyThey try to ban this songThey don’t wanna play my songBut they want to play Fat Boy all goddamn day
Come on, come on (take money)Come on, come on (take money)What’s up niggas
First off, fuck your bitch and the click you claimWestside when we ride come equipped with gameYou claim to be a player but I fucked your wifeWe bust on Bad Boy niggaz fucked for lifePlus Puffy tryin’ ta see me weak hearts I ripBiggie Smalls and Junior M.A.F.I.A. Some mark-ass bitchesWe keep on comin’ while we runnin’ for yo’ jewelsSteady gunnin, keep on bustin at them fools, you know the rulesLil’ Ceaser, go ask ya homie how I leave yaCut your young ass up, leave you in pieces, now be deceasedLil’ Kim, don’t fuck around with real G’sQuick to snatch yo’ ugly ass off the streets, so fuck peaceI let them niggaz know it’s on for lifeSo let the Westside ride tonightBad Boy murdered on wax and killedFuck wit’ me and get yo’ caps peeled, you know, see
Grab ya glocks, when you see TupacCall the cops, when you see Tupac, uhWho shot me, but ya punks didn’t finishNow ya bout to feel the wrath of a menaceNigga, we hit em’ up
Yes, yo, Outlaw to this mutherfucker (take money)West Coast, what’s up? (take money)What’s up
Get out the way yo, get out the way yoBiggie Smalls just got shotLittle Moo, pass the mac, and let me hit him in his backFrank White need to get spanked right, for settin’ trapsLittle accident murderers, and I ain’t never heard-a yaPoisinous gats attack when I’m servin’ yaSpank ya shank ya whole style when I gankGuard your rank, ’cause I’ma slam your ass in the paintPuffy weaker than the fuckin’ block I’m runnin through niggaAnd I’m smokin’ Junior M.A.F.I.A. in front of you niggaWith the ready power tuckin’ my Guess under my Eddie BauerYa clout petty sour, I get packages every hour to hit ’em up
OhCall the cops, when you see TupacWho shot me, but ya punks didn’t finishNow ya bout to feel the wrath of a menaceNigga, I hit em’ up
Peep how we do it, keep it real, it’s penitentiary steelThis ain’t no freestyle battleAll you niggaz gettin killed with ya mouths openTryin’ to come up offa me, you in the clouds hopin’Smokin dope it’s like a sherm high niggaz think they learned to flyBut they burn motherfucker, you deserve to dieTalkin’ bout you gettin’ money but it’s funny to meAll you niggaz livin’ bummy, why you fuckin’ with me?I’m a self made millionaireThug livin’ out a prison, pistols in the airBiggie, remember when I used to let you sleep on the couchAnd beg a bitch to let you sleep in the houseNow it’s all about Versace, you copied my styleFive shots couldn’t drop me, I took it and smiledNow I’m bout to set the record straightWith my A.K. I’m still the thug that you love to hateMotherfucker, I hit ’em up
I’m from N-E-W Jers’Where plenty of murders occursNo points or commas, we bring drama to all you herbsNow go check the scenarioLittle Ceas’ I’ll bring you fake G’s to your kneesCopping pleas in de JaneiroLittle Kim, is you coked up or doped up?Get your little Junior Whopper click smoked upWhat the fuck, is you stupid?I take money, crash and mash through BrooklynWith my click looting, shooting and polluting your blockWith a 15-shot cocked Glock to your knotOutlaw MAFIA clique moving up another notchAnd your pop stars popped and get mopped and droppedAnd all your fake ass East coast propsBrainstormed and locked
You’s a, beat biterA Pac style takerI’ll tell you to your face you ain’t shit but a fakerSofter than Alize with a chaserAbout to get murdered for the paperE.d.i Amin approach the scene of the caperLike a loc, with Little Ceas’ in a chokeGun totin’ smoke. We ain’t no motherfucking jokenigga, better be knownWe approaching in the wide open, gun smokingNo need for hoping, it’s a battle lostI got em crossed as soon as the funk is bopping offNigga, I hit em up
Oh ohHahyeah
We hit ’em upGrab ya glocks, when you see TupacCome on with the next shitWho shot me, but ya punks didn’t finishNow ya bout to feel the wrath of a menaceNigga, we hit em’ up
That’s rightGoYoY’all gotta keep this shit real

Tupac Shakur

June 16, 1971 – February 13, 1996

2Pac died at age 25 while incarcerated at San Quentin Prison. He had been shot five times during a robbery attempt. His death sparked controversy because he was denied proper medical care, and his mother blamed prison officials for her son’s untimely death. In 2004, she filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, claiming it failed to provide adequate health care to inmates. She settled out of court for $750,000.

The rapper became famous in 1994 with the release of his album “Me Against the World.” By 1995, he had become one of the most popular rappers in hip hop, thanks in part to songs like “Dear Mama,” “Brenda’s Got A Baby,” “I Get Around,” “Keep Ya Head Up” and “California Love.” In 1996, he released his final studio album, “All Eyez On Me.” He was murdered four days later.

Early life

Shakur was born on June 15, 1971, in the east Harlem neighborhood of upper Manhattan, New York City, where he lived with his mother Frances Crooms, father James Rohan Crooms Jr., and brother Kadeem. His biological father was James Rohan Crooms Sr., whom Frances met while she was working as a secretary at Columbia University; Shakur never knew him. In 1985, Frances gave birth to her third child, a daughter named Serena.

In 1987, Shakur was arrested for shooting at police officers during a drug raid at his home, leading to his being charged with attempted murder; he pleaded guilty to assault charges and served six months in prison. He later claimed that the incident occurred because one of the police officers entered Shakur’s room without knocking. After his release from prison, Shakur began associating with members of the Black Liberation Army, and became involved in armed robberies and bank holdups. During this period, Shakur adopted the name Tupac Amaru Shakur, which he used throughout most of his career.

After the death of his friend Christopher Wallace, better known as Notorious BIG, Shakur took up rapping under the stage name 2Pac, releasing several albums including All Eyez On Me

Panther heritage

Shakur’s parents, Afoni Shakur – born Alice Faye Williams – and her husband, Billy Garland, were both active members of the Black Panther Party in New York in the mid-1960s and early 1970s, according to an article published by TMZ.com. Shakur’s mother was arrested in 1969 and charged with attempted murder, assault and weapons possession. She was acquitted of the charges in 1971.

Other family members who were involved with the Black Panthers’ Black Liberaty Army were convicted of serious crime and imprisoned, including Shakura’s stepfather, Mutu Shakur, who spent 4 years among the FBI’s 10 most wanted fugitives. He was captured in 1985 and sentenced to life imprisonment for conspiring to kill NYPD officers and a Brink’s security guard. His sentence was later commuted to 20 years.

His godfather, Elmer Pratt, a high-ranking member of the party, was convicted of killing a schoolteacher during a 1968 robbery. He served 27 years in prison before being exonerated.

After spending 27 years in prison he was released because of the wrongful conviction.


In the 1980s, Shakura’s mother found it difficult finding work and she struggled with substance abuse. She eventually became addicted to heroin and cocaine. His father died shortly thereafter. In 1984, Shakur’s family moved from New York to Baltimore. There he met actress Jada Pinkett. They began dating and later had a son together. After graduating high school, Shakur attended the Baltimore School for the Performing Arts. He joined the Young Communist League USA and dated the daughter of the head of the local chapter. Shakur moved to Marin County, California, where he lived in poverty and worked odd jobs. While there, he wrote poetry and performed music. Shakur befriended another young poet named Dana “Mouse” Smith. Together they formed a band called 2 Live Crew. Their songs included profanity and sexually explicit lyrics. In 1987, Shakur recorded the song “Me So Horny.” Later that year he went to jail for violating probation. In 1989, Shakur married Smith. In 1990, they had a second child. In 1991, Shakur was arrested again for possessing marijuana and cocaine. Two months later, he was charged with killing a police officer during a traffic stop. A jury acquitted him of murder charges; however, he was convicted of armed robbery. In 1993, Shakur was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. He continued to write poetry while incarcerated. In 1995, he won the American Book Award for Prisoner Poetry. In 1997, Shakur was granted early release due to good behavior. He was allowed to live in Miami, Florida. In 1998, he was involved in a shooting incident. In 2001, Shakur was stabbed several times in prison. He survived the attack. In 2002, Shakur was attacked again in prison. This time he lost over 50 pounds and suffered severe injuries. In 2004, Shakur was awarded $1 million in damages from the city of Miami for wrongful arrest. In 2007, Shakur was shot three times outside a recording studio. These wounds proved fatal. In 2009, Shakur’s family filed a lawsuit against the city of Miami. In 2013, Shakur’s third wife filed for divorce. In 2014, Shakur was awarded an additional $10 million by the city of Miami. The settlement came after his widow sued the city for wrongful death. In 2015, Shakur was buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in Chicago.

Music career

Shakur began recording under the name MC New York in 1988. He signed his first record deal with Priority Records in 1990. In 1991, he recorded his debut album, Illmatic. His second studio album, 1993’s Resurrection, became one of hip hop’s most acclaimed albums.

MC NY was shot dead outside Manhattan’s Quad Studios in 1996. After being convicted of murder in 1999, Shakur served three years in prison. Released in 2004, The Lost Tapes included unreleased material from Shakur’s early days.

In 2008, Shakur released Death Certificate, his first posthumous release. Five years later, he was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Digital Underground

rapper Tupac Shakur dies aged 44″

Tupac Shakur died Thursday night at Las Vegas’ University Medical Center of complications related to injuries sustained during a shooting nearly three weeks ago. He was born Malcolm X Shabazz on April 4th 1971, in East Oakland California. A former member of the Black Guerilla Family gang, he changed his name to ‘2pac’, short for ‘two paces behind’.

He became one of the most influential rappers of the 90s, known for songs like ‘Keep Ya Head Up’ and ‘Dear Mama’. His music career began when he joined the hip hop duo Outlawz alongside DJ Premier, while still attending high school in Brooklyn. After signing a deal with Death Row Records, Shakur released his debut solo album, All Eyez On Me, in 1996.

The following year he collaborated with Dr Dre on the critically acclaimed Compton album, which helped him gain attention across America. He followed it up with his second album, Resurrection, in 1998. Both albums went multi platinum.

In 1999, Shakur signed a recording contract with MCA Records, releasing his third studio album, Strictly Business, in 2000. The album went gold, selling over 500,000 copies.

Shakur continued to release successful albums throughout the decade, including Get Back…The Doggumentary, The Don Killuminati Album, and 2001’s The Great Depression.

His final album, Until the End of Time, was released in 2004, and contained the hit singles ‘Me Against the World’ and ‘Changes’.

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