gulabi aankhen lyrics

gulabi aankhen lyrics
ल ल ला ल ल ल ला ल ल ल ला
गुलाबी आँखें जो तेरी देखींशराबी ये दिल हो गयासम्भालो मुझको ओ मेरे यारोंसम्भलना मुश्किल हो गया
दिल में मेरे ख़्वाब तेरेतस्वीर जैसे हों दीवार पेतुझपे फ़िदामैं क्यूँ हुआआता है गुस्सा मुझे प्यार पेमैं लुट गयामान के दिल का कहामैं कहीं का ना रहाक्या कहूँ मैं दिलरुबाबुरा ये जादू तेरी आँखों काये मेरा क़ातिल हो गयागुलाबी आँखें जो तेरी देखीशराबी ये दिल हो गया
मैंने सदाचाहा यहीदामन बचा लूँ हसीनों से मैंतेरी क़सम ख़्वाबों में भीबचता फिरा नाज़नीनों से मैंतौबा मगर मिल गई तुझसे नज़रमिल गया दर्द ए जिगरसुन ज़रा ओ बेख़बरज़रा सा हँस के जो देखा तूनेमैं तेरा बिस्मिल हो गयागुलाबी आँखें जो तेरी देखीशराबी ये दिल हो गयासम्भालो मुझको ओ मेरे यारोंसम्भलना मुश्किल हो गया|

Mohammed Rafi

The playback singer Mohammed Rafi died in Mumbai at age 57. He had been suffering from cancer since 2013. Rafi sang over 2,500 songs during his career spanning 60 years. His hits include “Tumko Dekha Hai”, “Ae Woh Main Hoon”, “Nainon Ki Baat Chali Hai”, “Kya Hua Tera Pyar”, “Waqt Ke Piyegi”, “Mere Sapnon Ka Saagar”, “Chandni Raat Phir Se”, “Yeh Mera Dil Mein Rehna”, “Jab Tumhein Yeh Basanti”, “Humne Apnay Nahi Aati”, “Zindagi Ek Safar”, “Mera Naam Joker”, “Yehi Mohabbat Zindagi Hai”, “Raju Rajkumar”, “Shikastey Kaun Thi”, “Do Dostana”, “Ek Ladki Anjaani Si”, “Phir Subah Hogi”, “Haiwan Ho Gayaa”, “Meri Jaaneman”, “Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani”, “Laila Majnu”, “Aap Koi Aurat Hai”, “Ishq Ishq Ishq”, “O Mere Man Pe O Marenge”, “Pyar Hi To Milenge”, “Main Jahan Tujhe Salma Hayek”, “Tu Nahin Sajna”, “Ab Dilli Door Jayega”, “Aankhon Mein Deewangi”, “Dil Ne Diwana”, “Naach Meri Behnaaz”, “Jaane Do Yaaron”, “Khud Karke Phas Gayeen”, “Jo Jeeta Waha Tha”, “Koi Jungli Hai”, “Ankh Laut Ke”, “Baatein Ke Mausam”, “Kaisey Paas Parayee”, “Aao Na Muhabbat Karega”, “Saathiya”, “Teri Kasam”, “Pehla Nasha”, “Mere Angne Mein”, “Suno Suno”, “Sajan Rehta Hai”, “Aur Meri Awaz Suno”, “Tere Bin Laden”, “Tujhe Kitnee Chal”.

Early life

Mohammed Rafi was born in Mumbai on April 25th, 1920. His father, Haji Ali Mohammad, was a businessman, and his mother, Fakhruddin, was a homemaker. Rafi had five siblings—four sisters and one brother. He grew up in a joint family where he spent most of his childhood.Rafi completed his primary education from a local school. He later went to college and graduated with a degree in commerce.

He got married in 1941 to Lata Mangeshkar. They had three sons together, namely, Rajanikant, Anoop Kumar, and Kishore Kumar.

Early career in Mumbai (then Bombay)

Rafi moved to Bombay (Mumbai) in 1944. He and his friend Hameed Sahab had rented a ten-by ten-foot room in the crowded downtown Bhindi Bazaar area. There he met poet Tanvir Naqvi, who introduced him to film producer Abdur Rashid Kardari. With Kardar’s help, Rafi got a chance to sing songs for films such as A. R. Kardare’s Pehlwan Aur Rahenge (1945), Mehboob Khan’s Baat Ek Raat Ki Subah (1946), and Naseem Banu’s Dostana (1947).Around the same time, Ravi Shankar came to Bombay (Mumbai). He gave Rafi lessons in music and encouraged him to learn tabla. Rafi learned tabla under the guidance of Pandit Prasanna Shastri. In 1947, Rafi left India for England where he stayed till 1950. He returned to Bombay (Mumbai), and sang many hits there.

Work with Ravi

Rafi Saab, one of India’s most prolific composers who worked with some of the biggest names in Bollywood history, passed away on Monday morning due to complications arising out of old age. He was 81. Born Raja Ramji Pantoja on May 11, 1934, he had been suffering from kidney problems for quite sometime now. His death came just hours after composer A.R. Rahman announced that he too was battling similar health issues. Both musicians are survived by their wives, children, grandchildren and extended family members.

The music director’s father, Pandit Ramji Pantoja, was a well-known singer, while his mother, Savitri Devi, hailed from a musical dynasty. In fact, she was the granddaughter of renowned tabla player Alladiya Khan. Her brother, Kishan Lal, was another prominent musician, who went on to become a playback singer under the name Kishan Maharaj. As a child, Rafi studied violin and piano, and later picked up guitar as well. He began composing music at the age of 15, and soon became known for his work in Hindi cinema.

He wrote music for over 200 films across genres like romance, action, drama, comedy, mythological tales, etc., including hits such as (1959), (1963),

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