esta danada lyrics

Ivan Cornejo
Está dañada del amorNo siente ningún dolorSu felicidad terminóSu esperanza desaparecióYa no cree en el amor, su fe se le acabóYa no cree en el amor, llueve cada día en su mundo
Su sonrisa, su carita, sus manitasAy qué delicia, ay qué bonita está tu caritaLe gusta bailar con sus amigasEso le saca su hermosa sonrisaSu hermosa sonrisa, ay, qué delicia
Se movía bien rico al reggaetónTodas las noches cantando la canciónQue bailamos, nos besamos bien borrachosY cuando estés llorandoEncerrada en tu cuartoEspero que tú cantes mi canción

Ivan Cornejo

Cornejo grew up in Riverside, California, where he spent his childhood playing soccer and listening to Latin pop music. He began writing songs in high school and took guitar lessons. His father died when he was 13, and Cornejo became interested in reggaeton and rock en español. In 2009, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music.

In 2011, Cornejo signed a record deal with Sony Music Entertainment and released his debut album, “El Perdedor.” He followed it with “La Vida Es Suena,” which debuted at number one on Billboard”’s Top Latin Albums chart. His third studio album, “Mi Verdadero Amigo,” was released in 2016.

His fourth studio album, “No Me Dejes Solo,” was released in 2018.

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