Ark Crafting: Survival Evolved PS4 Crafting Guide

ark survival evolved crafting

You’ve just downloaded Ark: Survival Evolved for your PlayStation 4, and I can tell by the fact that you’re only now reading this piece. This is a basic guide to crafting in the dinosaur-infested world. Today, let’s focus on the fundamentals of how crafting works if you want more advanced suggestions.


How Does Ark Crafting Work?

Crafting in ARK: Survival Evolved is similar to that seen in other games such as Minecraft. You learn the recipe for what you want to make, obtain the required materials, and construct it using the appropriate equipment. It is critical to your survival since you will subsequently move on to establishing a base for your tribe. You can make weapons to protect yourself against Ark: Survival Evolved predators. The thatch dwelling you will dwell in is built. Saddles for your raptor are made. Crafting almost everything key to your survival is possible.

You can create picks and hatchets, spears and wooden clubs, survival items like campfire and waterskin, as well as clothing. The boundaries are endless; you may even construct stronger things depending on your level and Engrams.

What Are Engrams?

ark crafting - engrams

In ARK: Survival Evolved, Engram Points are used to create items. These are the crafting recipes you’ll buy with your Engram Points. You won’t be able to make a Thatch Door if you haven’t learned the Engram for it yet.

Before you can “buy” an Engram, it must be assessed by three things: your level, the Engram Points, and prior Engrams. You can just make a Stone Pick and a Torch at level 1. At level 2, you may create additional items like a Stone Hatchet and Thatch Foundation, thanks to more recipes accessible to you.

And then you must know how many Engram points you have. The Stone Hatchet, for example, needs three Engram points. Crafts that are more complicated need more points. And sometimes, an Engram would need you to complete a previous Engram first in order to “buy” it. The Thatch Doorframe Engram is required for the Thatch Door.

Other Ways To Crafting in Ark

Engrams are not the only way to acquire craft recipes in Ark: Survival Evolved. You may also receive Blueprints as rewards for completing story missions or exploring the world. These pillars of light signal the arrival of cargo containers, which may contain anything from a Blueprint to additional helpful gear.

Rather of using Engrams, you may use Blueprints as long as you have them without spending any points on them. The only things you should have are the materials and tools that the Blueprint requires. You can obtain Blueprints for non-Engrams, Engrams, or better Engrams.

In a nutshell, you’ll need three components when making things: a recipe (Engram/Blueprint), the raw materials, and the equipment/workstation. You can make buildings, vehicles, saddles, weapons, tools, and other items in Ark: Survival Evolved if you have the right recipes and tools.


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