5 Films to Watch for Health and Fitness Inspiration

Health and Fitness

TV shows and movies are great sources of entertainment, but sometimes they teach you a useful life lesson or inspire you to make life-changing decisions. Shows related to health, in particular, are informative and inspirational to get useful insights and motivation to adopt healthy habits.

If you go online, there is a bulk of shows and films of various genres affixed to health and fitness. So, next time, when you think of binge-watching a show or watching a documentary, make sure it is a health and fitness show to get the motivation you have been yearning for.

Since you are looking for the best health and fitness shows to watch, you have stumbled on the right article as we have listed down some of the bests.

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Anyway, here is the roster of the best health and fitness shows:

  1. The Game Changers

Are you an anti-vegan? Well, it is time to change your preferences as this documentary will convince you to switch to veganism.

The Gamer Changers is certainly a well-researched and well-put-together documentary created by bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, martial artist Jackie Chan, tennis champion Novak Djokovic, and other top-performing athletes in their respective fields of sports. This documentary particularly focuses on the importance of a plant-based diet and the disadvantages of meat and meat products in the diet.

The gist of the documentary is that the plant-based diet is better in many ways than the animal-based diet as it leads to serious health problems, like cardiovascular diseases, and is highly dangerous for athletic performance. A plant-based diet, on the other hand, boosts heart health, decreases inflammation and risks of cancer, and is good for athletic performance.

  1. Bigger, Stronger, Faster

The documentary is an intimate and highly personal story of Director Chris Bell. In the movie, he walks us through his ambitions and hurdles revolving around steroids and athletics.

At its heart, this movie is the story of Chris Bell and his two brothers who grew up adoring muscular giants and later joined the steroid substructure. This is an animated sequence that includes a diverse cast, including professional athletes,  US congressmen, medical experts, and gym freaks. The movie’s central point is what Chris Bell explores himself, that steroid problem exists in families, sports, and the US, in general.

  1. Limitless

Limitless is a light and emotional documentary that focuses on eight women in India who discover a new identity by running. This includes a woman from Mumbai, India, who was a house helper and now she makes her living from running races. The thing that makes this film unique is that the women have to face challenges while pursuing their passion as their families are unsupportive of women running in races. This documentary highlights the benefits of running and, specifically, how it impacts self-esteem in women.

  1. 100 Meters

For all those people who make excuses in life, this movie is the best answer. 100 Meters is a Spanish movie that revolves around a true story wherein a man gets a degenerative disease called Multiple Sclerosis and his doctor tells him that he will barely be able to walk and move. But, upon being diagnosed with the disease, he commits to fighting it by competing in Ironman: 42 km run, 3.8 km swim, and 180 km bike race.

  1. I am Maris

I Am Maris is an educational and inspirational story of Maris Degener, who in her teenage, was suffering from serious anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder. Despite being hospitalized and in therapy, she does not feel any improvement. But fortunately, she manages to find peace with herself in a local yoga studio. She discovers that during yoga she feels relaxed and healed. This documentary highlights the importance of yoga and how taking a small step can help heal various ailments.

Bottom Line

Health concerns are growing exponentially in the US. It is essential to keep good care of physical and mental health through exercises and other fitness activities. If you need a dose of motivation, then you may watch some of the best health and fitness-related films online. The aforementioned films are inspirational and informational; they will surely convince you to go on a jog the next morning at least.

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